Sarah Zucker is a writer of short-form comedy, articles, TV and feature scripts, with a focus on female-driven + queer narratives with camp sensibilities.

Her one-hour dramedy pilot The Sun Set was a finalist for the 2017 + 2016 Women in Film / The Black List Episodic Lab. The pilot centers on rival “Sewing Circles” of closeted women who clash over sexual jealousies and differences in propriety as they strive for professional advancement in 1930s Hollywood. 

Sarah wrote and directed three series of comedic microshorts for Super Deluxe through her animation studio YoMeryl. They created Mutations, a morphing celebrity lexicon, Shows that Weren't, a series of TV trope fever dreams, and Panic Attacks, a series about the horrors of modern adulthood. 

She teaches Writing the Ten-Minute Short FilmWriting the TV Spec Script and Creating the Animated GIF on Skillshare.

She holds a BA in Creative Writing for the Media from Northwestern University, and an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU, where she was the recipient of the Venable Herndon Award for Excellence in Graduate Screenwriting.