Sarah Zucker is a writer and artist based in Los Angeles.

Her art combines obsolete and cutting edge technologies to yield visions of a neon future that never was.  She creates GIF + video art, directs music videos and web shorts, and produces live visuals and installations.

She writes with Patrick Rogers. Their work focuses on female-driven and queer narratives and camp sensibilities.

She is the Creative Director of The Current Sea, a media studio specializing in GIF and Video, and YoMeryl, a Pop Art Studio specializing in Animation and Public Art.

She became a Jeopardy! Champion on September 27th, 2013.

Her work has been featured on The Creators Project, New York Magazine, Stereogum, Installation Magazine, LAist, NPR Music, Buzzfeed, LAWeekly, AdHoc, The Stranger, Tumblr Radar and more.  

She co-curated Prism Pipe, a monthly visual music event at pehrspace in Los Angeles from 2014-2016. 

She teaches Writing the Ten-Minute Short Film, Writing the TV Spec Script, and Creating the Animated GIF through Skillshare. 

She holds a BA in Theater/Creative Writing for the Media from Northwestern, and an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU.