©2014 Garet Field-Sells for Installation Magazine

©2014 Garet Field-Sells for Installation Magazine

Sarah Zucker is an artist and writer based in Los Angeles and New York. Her work focuses on empowered women, campy/queer sensibilities, and the (often hilarious) trials of our present passage from the Analog to the Digital Era.

She is a Jeopardy! Champion as of September 27th, 2013.

Her photography, video and GIF art have been featured on The Creators Project, New York Magazine, Installation Magazine, LAist, AfterEllen, Buzzfeed, LAWeekly, AdHoc, The Stranger, Tumblr Radar and more.  She works frequently with commercial agencies as a creative director on GIF and New Media projects.

She is co-founder of The Current Sea, a Net Art Studio, and co-founder of YoMeryl, a Pop Art Studio.

She presents Prism Pipe, the monthly visual music event at pehrspace in Los Angeles. 

She teaches Writing the Ten-Minute Short Film, Writing the TV Spec Script, and Creating the Animated GIF through Skillshare. 

She holds a BA in Theater/Creative Writing for the Media from Northwestern, and an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU, where she was the recipient of the Venable Herndon Award for Excellence in Graduate Screenwriting.


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Sarah Zucker

b. 1985

multimedia artist working in Los Angeles and New York



2010                MFA Dramatic Writing. New York University

2008               BA Theater, Creative Writing for the Media. Northwestern, University                                                                         

Selected Exhibitions + Events

2015                Hypermedia Dreams [thecurrentsea] The Wrong Digital Art Biennale

                        WCCW Table @ LA Art Book Fair [yomeryl] MOCA, Los Angeles

                        NoAD Bob-Omb GIF Exhibition  [yomeryl + thecurrentsea] MTA, New York

                        RESPOND [yomeryl] Smack Mellon, New York

2014                Brooklyn Museum GIF series [yomeryl] Brooklyn Museum, New York

            A Celebration of Women in Art [yomeryl] Art Basel Miami

                        The Lucky Jotter Desktop Artists [thecurrentsea] FYCreatives, UK

KChung TV bumpers [thecurrentsea] Hammer Museum, Made in LA

Prism Pipe pehrspace, Los Angeles

15folds Evolution [thecurrentsea] 15folds GIF collective, online

GIF of Fools I-IV [thecurrentsea] Installation Magazine, online

On In Love [thecurrentsea] GIFs for Craig Wedren + Jefferson Friedman Album

2013                Sabbath Sessions Besant Lodge, Los Angeles

2011                 Round Up Your Friends Orange Dot Gallery, London

                        Lo-Fi Heartbeat Aperture, Cleveland

 2008               If I was the cousin of my mother’s sister’s son Gallery Bar, New York                       



2015                pehrform [thecurrentsea] pehrspace, Los Angeles

2014                Prism Pipe [thecurrentsea] pehrspace, Los Angeles

2011                 Cinesthetica Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography, Canton, OH


Selected Press 

Are GIFs Art? Pop Art Pair YoMeryl Discusses  New York Magazine

The Future of GIFs as Gallery Art, According to The Current Sea The Creators Project

Rachel Maddow, Kate McKinnon get the GIF treatment from Lesbian artists  AfterEllen

[An Eye for an I} presents Sarah Zucker and Brian Griffith  Installation Magazine

Writer Neal Pollack on his dreamlike 'Jeopardy!' Odyssey  Bullet Media

Interview: The Current Sea  Nailed

Viernes de GIF: The Current Sea  El Fanzine

Back in Bleak: Black Hat's Subliminally Horrific "Imaginary Friends"  The Stranger


Awards + Honors

2013    Jeopardy Champion (September 27th, 2013)

            “Best Original YouTube Song” Nominee, LA Weekly Web Awards

2010    Venable Herndon Award for Graduate Screenwriting NYU Tisch Department of Dramatic Writing